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  • About Lactacyd

    • Can I use Lactacyd feminine wash to cure a vaginal infection?

      Lactacyd feminine wash alone will not cure an infection. Test results show that these feminine hygiene products can simply reinforce the effects of regular medications recommended by healthcare providers, like topical creams, suppositories, and pills. Using Lactacyd products along with the prescribed medications, however, have proven to aid cure and recurrence of the infection.

    • How is Lactacyd different from so many of the feminine washes out there?
    • Can I use if I am pregnant or have irritation / infection?
    • Is Lactacyd Halal certified?
    • How long should I use this product? How many times should I use it?
    • Can this be used on children?
    • Can Lactacyd be used on the face or other parts of body?
    • Do you test your products on animals?

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